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Web Based Training (WBT)

These days many corporations have begun to make the move from instructor-led classroom training to Web-based training (WBT).

Web-based training has the potential to reach a larger, more geographically dispersed audience.

Advantages of our Web Based Training:

Our Web-based training offers many advantages over traditional instructor-led training wich includes:

  • Standardized training ensuring a uniform message across the corporation.
  • Decreases time employees are away from their jobs.
  • Training is more convenient for employees -- it is anytime, anywhere..
  • Training is available to a larger audience - the same WBT course can be distributed to desktops around the world.
  • The company saves money on participant travel expenses, instructor/trainer travel costs, classroom facilities costs, and packaging/distribution costs.
  • Training can be customized and tailored to specific requirements.

Our WBT courses are more effective as they also include interactivity in chats, exercises, activities, case studies, scenarios, quizzes, etc.

Making a Web-Based Training more effective:

Web-Based Training provides many advantages over the class room training, but it is important to ensure:

  • Adequate bandwidth is required to access WBT.
  • Learners are not distracted or interrupted when engaged in WBT at their work space


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