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Skill Management Consulting

" Skills Management " is the master strategy working to build your organization's success. At Mentor Labs have the experience and expertise to determine the best way to execute this key strategic imperative . Through a proven methodology, we ensure your enterprise has the knowledge necessary to meeting its immediate and long-term objectives.

The Mentor Labs Skills Management Methodology:

Just as a grand chess master's strategy anticipates every possible scenario, Skills Management Methodology ensures your organization is always "ahead of the game". This powerful strategy ensures you have the actions in place to effectively.

  • forecast the skills required, and to understand the value of those skills, in delivering the business strategy;
  • assess the skills of the organization in relation to the skills required;
  • develop the learning strategies and content to deliver the skills transfer to your employees;
  • manage the learning process to effectively transfer and deploy the skills at the right time and the right place;
  • measure and evaluate the ongoing impact of skills growth on the business and on your people.

At Mentor Labs we make a point at looking at your staff as people. People with wishes, aptitudes and career aspirations. Equally important, an enterprise has its own strategies for success and growth. Mentor Labs recognize both the enterprise and the individual and work to deliver training that synergistically empowers both



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