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Mentor Labs is the leader in designing, developing and deploying IT training solutions to blue-chip organizations. Mentor Labs offers a fully integrated class room & web based training solutions that combines course content aligned with business objectives of the clients. Mentor Labs provides a compelling, results-oriented learning experience.

As Information Technology company, our vision is to be a one-stop shop for any IT training & consulting requirements, at a competative price and within deadlines.

People: Our certified and highly experienced professionals have been providing IT services in Internet, Distributed & Object Oriented Technologies to hundreds of software developers across a wide range of application areas. Passion for teaching and insights that come from a software development background are the strongest assets of our trainers.

Mentor Labs tailors training services to your technical needs. At Mentor Labs, we have considerable experience in customizing courses to meet the specific needs of organizations.

Mentor Labs IT solutions are the most effective way to get your employees trained. Our solutions can include our existing off-the-shelf courseware, custom-tailored content, or anything in between. It will also tailor a training session to meet your particular needs based on your application area and staff experience.

Everything you need to learn is included in each Mentor Labs courses. You learn in a complete online environment, including lessons, quizzes, and exercises, with ongoing support from tutors. The wide range of courses includes: lectures, case studies, and hands-on live examples. Participants learn object-oriented technology concepts, design methods, techniques, and languages. This building block approach allows clients to take advantage of the extensive range of services and allows clients to complete application developments development projects successfully and on time now and in the future.

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